About the Artist

Artist Andie Laf Designs Throwing Clay on Potter's Wheel
My name is Andie, and I am a self-taught artist living on beautiful Vancouver Island. Through watercolour and ink, I aim to combine my love of travel with bright, lively colours to create pieces of art that express the way I see the world.

My style is inspired by the architecture and landscapes of my time living and travelling abroad in Europe, as well as here in Canada. I also enjoy painting the occasional fantasy-inspired piece when the mood hits.

My aim is to design energetic watercolour pieces that tug at people’s nostalgia and sense of adventure. There is a lot of wonderful and magical places to see in this world, I want to try and capture some of it! Please feel free to check out my Instagram and follow me to support my work. I regularly post a lot of fun content, including behind the scenes, sneak peaks, and timelapse videos of my artwork.