Hi. My name is Andie Lafrentz.

I have always been an artist - since I first picked up that crayon at 4 years old, I knew I would never be able to stop creating. I never thought being an artist could be a full time career though, so I never pursued it in school. 

Instead, I graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Alberta Augustana  in 2011. Throughout university I tried thinking of ways I could be my own boss after graduating. I have been obsessed about finding that thing that I wake up excited for.

And I've finally found it. 

My vision

After doing some travelling and living abroad in Europe, including moving to Ireland for 2 years, I joined an ecommerce platform helping others with their dreams of building a business. Although enjoyable, I realized it was time for me to pursue something on my own. To become my own boss. 

In early June of 2019, I figured out what I would be doing. My passion for running a business and creating art from my own experiences has finally come together to create Andie Laf Designs

I create with the intent to inspire. To travel, explore and be curious about the world. 

Having lived and travelled aborad has given me a unique perspective of the world that I hope shines through in my art. 

Through my artwork, I want to show you the wonderful places, quirks and lifestyles of those countries and my experiences. I want you to feel that happy nostalgia of where you've been and travelled. 

My Art

I use watercolour and ink in my paintings, though I also dabble in acrylic, graphic design, calligraphy, and pencil crayon. 

My art style revolves around black linework, fun bright colours, and buildings,
landscapes and nature as the subject matter. However, I have also created logos, designed tattoos, and family crests.

I also enjoy creating patterns and the occasional illustration, depending on what inspires me. 

My artwork is currently displayed in several countries, including Ireland, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, the US, and of course Canada. I've also had the fantastic opportunity to illustrate a friend's book - feel free to check that out here on The Starfishes blog.  

Thank you for checking out my website. Please feel free to get in touch with me on Instagram or Facebook, or shoot me an email at hello@andielafdesigns.com

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